Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We have a little project on the go that I have been keeping from you.

And I feel through omission I have in a sense been unfaithful to you.

And I'm really sorry.

We are, and by we I mean Paul, building a garage in the back. Designed by Paul, plans drawn up by Paul, a really big trench dug out by Paul and now being framed by Paul (and his Dad!).

I'm missing a lot of pictures - no doubt on one of the many cameras floating around the house - but here are a few of the raising of the Ilford wall - with many, many friends helping. Where was I you wonder? Out, driving far away with my mother-in-law. After 19 years of marriage I KNOW when I need to disappear.

I will keep taking pictures and updating the blog with the progress and if the garage turns out to be half as beautiful as Paul's contemporary design, I will have to say that I have one pretty talented and darn cute husband!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Meg.
While driving home from work I was wondering how Paul was making out with the garage. Nice to see the walls going up. He must be feeling good about this project.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wish I knew so I could lend a hand putting up that wall! It's looking great! Bobbles