Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve stillness. Well only in pictures, both kids are so excited that they can only speak in REALLY LOUD VOICES. Which of course is pushing me over the edge since they're standing beside me while screaming.

The story behind the gingerbread creation is that I have this romantic notion of parenthood and every year I think how fabulous it will be to decorate a house (Santa's sleigh this year) with Jakob (Satch gave up a couple of years ago, he's far too sophisticated and mature for this nonsense now that he's a teenager). Of course what really happens is that the icing is CRAP, pushes me over the edge, won't stick to the gingerbread regardless of how long I knead it, and then Jakob eats more of the candies than land on the floor and on our creation, and finally walks away leaving the rest to me. I end up yelling and swearing at the icing, Jakob is traumatized, and another few dollars goes into the therapy fund.

Bambi decorated with all his finery.

Much love and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone! xoxoxoxox

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meg;
Merry Christmas.
Nice to see the picture with your old stocking (hung by the fireplace with care).
I still have mine (wonder if Shirley and Dave have theirs?).
But mine is carefully stored away with my old teddy bears as it has been replaced with one which matches Susan's, Maya's and Noah's (Alex has a temp this year).
Trust you and your family are enjoying a pleasant holiday.