Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's 9:00 pm and I'm counting the seconds to put Jakob to bed.

I have to say that I am the QUEEN of time management.

Not only have I VOTED like all my self respecting anti-Harper friends and family (at least I'm keeping my fingers crossed) but I have also designed a logo for a truffle goddess, in fact 2 versions, revised an ad for a certain magazine that will NOT go away and two other options because they just couldn't be happy with the original version...oh no, because let's want other options for an ad that is perfectly fine but dick around getting final revisions to me on everything else. For of course I want to stay up all night tomorrow. Wow, where did that rant come from? But really, I need my beauty sleep, it's not like I can photoshop myself before going to work. And honestly, it's seriously impacting my blogging. Seriously.

I also began sketching ideas for a painting that needs to be finished in 4 weeks, I should say needs to be DRY in 4 weeks, for the office United Way auction. Then made soft & hard tacos for the family, accommodated a play date for Jakob, made popcorn and I'm not even done yet.

But let's change blog direction, let's touch briefly on my relationship with my contractor. I email, he emails, Paul emails, he emails - it is now left up to Paul to schedule a date for him to come through the house...because I'm SICK of him. So this is where we are right now...waiting to schedule a time for him to come through and assess and hopefully correct. Hopefully. Because you know the warranty ran out forever ago and it's only his big generous heart that has him coming this final time and the sound I hear is the clock ticking and not the feeble blip of his pacemaker.

This is the day where I wish my little neighbourhood shop sold lottery tickets because I am positive this is my lucky day. Earlier this afternoon I did a quick run to the Sufferin Mall because Lucy my beloved cleaner was here and she's really chatty and it's hard to clean when your chatting but on my run I forgot a couple of critical things like leaf bags and feminine products. So after returning home I go to get the mail and what do I find on my front porch? - no NOT maxipads, those were in my mailbox in a giftbox from Shoppers Drug Mart - LEAF BAGS from some incredibly sweet real estate agent who wants me to sell my house. How fabulous was that! Satchel thought that by accepting the leaf bags we were morally obligated to sell our house RIGHT NOW, so I clarified for him by saying "No, you're just morally obligated to use the bags to clean up all the leaves on our property RIGHT NOW you little brain-changing sweetheart."

Now that it is 9:30 and not one edit has come through, it's time for me to put Jakob to bed and throw the big smelly one into the shower.

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