Sunday, September 07, 2008

17 years ago today this nut job married me and we have lived blissfully ever since. Blissfully despite my mother, my in-laws, 2 kids, 6 cats, 1 major renovation that will go on FOREVER, breast cancer, miscarriages, job changes, financial difficulties...hmmm, what else?

Anyway, he still can't get enough of me. Nor I him.

Today was spent, well, with me sleeping. Fortunately we were invited to my brother Bob's house for dinner so I did bring a bottle of fine champagne to pop to celebrate. And celebrate like teenagers we did. And now, couple of Tylenol's later, back to bed.

I'm crazy like that.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations you two luv birds!
Here's to another 17 that get better with each passing year!


Anonymous said...

Wow. 17 years. Shouldn't Paul be nominated for sainthood?
And what's this about champagne?
I just had an email from the red-wine guild.
They are feeling betrayed!