Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I was home sick today - I had a migraine. I seldom say "oooh, I have a migraine" when really it's only a headache that a couple of advil will take care of. But yesterday, by the time I left work, when I was pressing my hand to my head trying to manage the pain and realizing I could no longer use my right eye to see - I knew, it was a migraine. And then by 5:30, when I was trapped in Zellers with Satchel crying and Jakob begging for candy, and I could feel my temperature spike, the migraine was confirmed again.

A funny thing happened at Zellers, Satchel was angry and disappointed and very sad that he couldn't find Optimus Prime (retailing for a stupid $70 plus tax at ToysRrippoff and $60 at Walmart and Zellers) and started hiding in the store and refusing to come with us - which had Jakob very upset. I told Jakob that we would go pay for the binder THAT SATCHEL NEEDS and he would very likely meet up with us at the cashier. "And if he doesn't?" says an anxious Jakob. "Well, then he's in BIG trouble." I said, really wanting to go home. "Will he have to sit in the quiet time chair?" says Jakob (known well because he has obviously spent a lot of time in said chair during kindergarten). "Oh yeah, all night long." I said. Jakob was happy with that.

After paying at the cashier and no Satchel showing, I walked to the customer service department to have him paged when lo and behold, there his is...crying (because he thought I left without him) and being escorted by TWO security guards. I think he learned his lesson as I mouthed thank you at the two men. Being the terrible mother that I am, I brought this up as I hugged my sobbing boy.

And then, after getting home, I was sick as a dog, popping gravol and advil like it was the candy Jakob was desperate for. I was asleep by 9:00, slept until 11:00am, stayed away for about an hour, back to sleep until an alarm went off at 2:30 and then forced myself to stay awake to pick up the kids for 3:30.

And tomorrow, I will choose my celebrity of choice to stalk. No headache will get in the way of that!

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Anonymous said...

Hey ya.
Ok, so Ethan had a TOTAL transformer bday party... we even pulled off some lame ass homemade bday cakes (which he loved, so it's all good), and of course he wanted Optimus Prime and Magatron.. along with every other transformer, but getting to my point now, we couldn't find the big guys ANYWHERE (affordably).
So, the solution (that Todd figured out) is to go to a Comic Book Store downtown. The prices are reasonable and they most always have the hard to find toys.
Good luck!