Sunday, September 09, 2007

I just want to say:


The play offs were this weekend and his team kept WINNING. Which meant after each game we would go home and await the next game with Jakob flipping out the entire time. Finally this afternoon, his team lost and he was awarded his trophy and medal and certificate AND THE PROMISE that we would never sign him up again and would buy him ice cream IMMEDIATELY from the ice cream truck.

I can not adequately describe how painful it is to watch Jakob "play" soccer. Or the rage I feel when he loudly mocks the players of the other team while he spends his entire time on field keeping his back turned to the ball. A funny coincidence is that the other sad little player on the field is a boy named Jacob who was born in the same hospital, one day before my little Jakob broke free. The coach just kept rotating the Jakob/Jacobs keeping the rest of the players going. Even the boy with the BROKEN ARM was kept on the field, the preferred player over Jakob/Jacob.

I think his next experience will be cooking - we will build on his love of experimenting in the kitchen.

Because of this interference, not once did I make it downtown for my annual stalking ritual (this year of Brangelina who are in town RIGHT NOW) and also could not make it out to cheer on all the participants in the 60 km breast cancer walk.

I am currently drinking a glass of wine, enjoying the silence that comes with both kids being asleep and thinking creatively about payback.

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Anonymous said...

very brave to stick it out the whole season. i had enrolled Ethan and Maya in an 8am Sat. program at a community center, and it they made it 2 weeks before i decided that we were just not ready for such an endeavour. it was too painful to wake-up that early and watch them both stand on the floor like zombies or deer in headlights (both work).
i will NOT attempt extra curricular activities for a while.