Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 5 and I have officially made it through March break without even the hint of a nervous breakdown!

And I would like to boast that not once did I suggest to Paul that we sell the children to pay for the rebuilding of the garage or offer to let them move in with their New Brunswick grandparents so that they can explore their inner country child as suggested by a certain mother-in-law...and then have that offer rescinded when she saw how excited I became at the prospect of a small break from parenthood.

Warning, a digression follows:

What would it be like to not have children in the house for longer than a school day? Paul and I could spend adult time together without interruption! I wouldn't have to provide a reasonably proper dinner by 6:30pm only to have it rejected because it's considered disgusting. I could drink hot coffee and read the newspaper on Saturday morning. Go see a film on a whim without dropping $40 for babysitting and having one or two calls buzz through during a pivotal scene. And dare I write it this? I truly don't want to offend anyone's sensibility by creating even the slightest of visual and if I do, I am so sorry: not needing pajamas at night! Because there would only be Paul, myself and old Arthur the cat in our bed!

Well I guess I won't know now that the mother-in-law who offered up that dream has taken it back, stomped on it, chewed it up and spit it out all over the floor like Jesse James' marital vows.

Digression over, back to March break: I can only end this post by saying that Jakob said to me today "Mom, you're the best!" and my heart was full.

But then Satchel returned home from his 3 days away skiing and I just overheard Jakob say "Satchel, YOU'RE the best." Next he'll be saying Ember the snake is the best and then where do I stand?

I'm thinking steamed green vegetables for breakfast.


Siren said...

I laughed and laughed through this one. I know just how you feel. nothing is ever good enough no matter how hungry they are. I like to tell me kids when they are naughty that they are going to get a spanking. then I say.."you what that does for mommy? spanking you makes mommy grow flowers in her heart." Then we all laugh and the day goes to keep the sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg I know how you feel. We hired the baby-sitter and going out tonight. Would be nice to go out on a whim but that won't happen for years and years. The kids make the sacrifices worth while with their smiles, hugs and kisses.
Good news, Maya's adoption file is finally (finally, finally, finally) before the courts! The countdown is (finally) on!!