Friday, February 19, 2010

I was going to write about the insane dreams I've been having, how vivid and colourful and dramatic, in fact even better than Avatar! I've been spending my nights saving my children by killing monsters with poker hot steel rods, had a colleague take me for a ride in a 5-story airplane, an ex-colleague having eyeball transplants and sending me before, during and after shots, watching a movie with a dead sister who passed away too many years ago...

Then I thought, nope I'm going to write about today's hospital appointment and the decisions I have to make: do I lose one ovary, two ovaries, the whole kit & caboodle...can I have the surgery at the same time as a mastectomy or should I have two separate operations? And gene testing, let's get that done first and then talk to the one million doctors I have at my disposal to figure out what I need to do first.

But instead I'm going to write about having just returned from having pints with good friends at the Duke of York and who should be there? Why Daniel Craig! Yes, we drank with James Bond, Lord Asriel, guy from Layercake and oh yeah, naked guy from Tomb Raider! He signed an autograph for Jakob which proves that he's not just a really good actor but also a great guy because I can only love people who tolerate my children! And he peed with Satch! They shared bathroom time! And he even chatted with Satch!

Plus he has a great bottom while climbing the stairs because I was RIGHT BEHIND HIM! OBSERVING!

A fabulous end to a crazy day.


boxofdiamonds said...

Hi Meg! WOW you are so lucky to have been able to have drinks with Daniel! Can you share any more deets? I am from NYC and I saw Daniel in his Broadway play with Hugh Jackamn, A Steady Rain and it looks like he has a few quite large and BURLY bodyguards!! LOL! That is so cool that you saw him and your friend got his autograph! Was Daniel alone? I doubt he would be out and about in anywhere alone! He seems like he is very down to earth and 'real' not plastic or phony!
Anyway Meg THANK YOU for posting this- by the way I found you on twitter and your link on your twitter page led me to here! GREAT BLOG STORY! Thanks again for sharing! I would love to hear more details if you are feeling up to it!

David Veldhuizen said...

Ah, Meg, that's why we all love you. If you do feel the need to stab something with a red-hot steel rod after that appointment... you bring the something!