Monday, October 19, 2009

Back during the Labour day weekend, which feels like a million days ago, my niece and I made our annual pilgrimage to Wilson NY where we threw ourselves into serious outlet mall shopping, wine drinking, magazine reading and finally TARGET! shopping.

As male farting contests (between the over 40 group) continue in my kitchen, I can only think back to those 3 pure days where no one asked me for anything except the salesclerk requesting a credit card, a waiter wanting my menu choice, or my niece asking if I would like a top up on my glass of wine...and I realize that one weekend a year is NOT enough to keep me sane. Not even close.

Time to start recruiting the girlfriends.

TARGET! withdrawal alone is making me shake!

While shopping that weekend, I found these three little guys at Pier One of all places. Tucked in with the stinky candles and over-the-top home decor, they really needed to be mine! With their mix of materials, bulging eyes, Tim Burton-esque design - they needed to join the bling and the peacocks that I have been decorating my living room light fixture with. And with Halloween coming up, they are perfect!


D.R.E.A.M- a young Lavictoire family said...

So happy to have you back. I missed you.
I never shop at Pier 1, but for those little Halloween decorations I'm making an exception and taking a trip this weekend. I'll drag Shannon out with me. She is my shopping companion these days and she will love Pier 1 because she is 22 and still living at home with her father who has no sense of style about anything at all. I digress. Back to the point. Thank you for sharing your day to day with us. I look forward to more irony, sarcasm, and witty banter.
Much love from O town. Amanda

Anonymous said...

I love these little guys. Maybe I'm a bit sick, but I think they'd make really different (in a Tim Burton way) Christmas Tree decorations. Not sure how big they are, but I'm gonna check them out next time I'm at Pier 1.

So glad you're back blogging. Your take on everyday life, with your one-of-a-kind witty, funny, and satirical style of writing works.