Sunday, June 08, 2008

Driving the new car has been fabulous but I'm unsure of what to do with my right hand now that I no longer have to spend the entire time shifting gears. Or my left leg since there is no clutch to constantly bear down on.

My right hand feels agitated with its lack of purpose in the car - perhaps I should start drinking coffee so that it doesn't start acting out by messing with the radio channels or pushing random buttons...for example the seat warming buttons now that temperatures have hit 32*.

Tomorrow I meet up with my oncologist to find out the results of the MRI I had two weekends ago. Like my right hand I'm feeling a little agitated since one of the many things I have been so rudely awaken to after being diagnosed with breast cancer is that I can't totally trust my body - that there just might be something silently lurking about, waiting to wreak havoc on my life.

Of course my ever optimistic side reminds me to stop being a drama queen and everything will be fine. Which I will write about tomorrow.

But fabulous things have happened today even though it's not even noon.

The first, while walking Satchel to his final swim class, was passing by our old rental house and finding my patio umbrella stand sitting outside by the sidewalk - as if it was waiting for me to stroll by that morning and reclaim it. And it is still in fantastic condition considering it's now been 18 months since we left it behind!

Plus it's from Caban and I'm still not through my mourning period since the store closed down.

A quick call to Paul and it is now safely back in our yard where it belongs.

The second great thing is that Satchel passed his Red Cross Level 8 swim class and is ready to start Level 9 - he really is a beautiful and elegant swimmer.

And finally while stopping by Loblaws to pick up a snack for Satch and bandages for both our feet because the crocs that I have now worn for a couple of years have decided to tear into me, and Satchel's brand new ones are also protesting and drawing blood, were the fantastic knives I found in clearance for 1/2 price and will now replace the ones which I really wouldn't recommend anyone using, and also a roasting pan with a rack for $9!

The last bit of good news, held over from Friday since I have been a bit delinquent in writing (I blame the new car), is that Satchel and I both passed our first guitar test with flying colours!

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