Monday, April 30, 2007

I hate the money gods, hate them hate them hate them. Why can they just not leave me alone?

And all because I paid off 2 credit cards with our income tax return.

First my car dies (last week) and now Arthur gets attacked by a cat and has a gigantic abscess above his eye and is at the vets where he will be for days and probably require surgery to close the quarter size wound. The good news is that so far it looks like no nerve damage has been done after she squeezed nearly a quarter cup of puss out of the wound, the bad news is that it's going to cost nearly $800.

I feel spent - emotionally and financially. All I wanted to do was buy a dress for Dave and Jody's wedding and curtains and a rug for my bedroom. Though I still may get the rug, it's only $150 at Canadian Tire (a shag by Debbie Travis). And I can probably find curtains at Ikea that will block the light from pouring in to my room at too early of an hour.

What am I thinking! I must drink my wine and consider this carefully. Put a cheque together for Dave & Jody's wedding present, wear old Comrag skirt and older shoes with even older black shell. Roll pennies and cash in wine/beer bottles.

And yell "Fuck off money gods, find someone else's strings to pull for a while!"

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Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on that note. I just picked up our VAN from the garage/dealership... $2000.00 later... I wanted to rip my heart out and slap the guys face with it! FUcker!
And while we speak we are refinancing our Mgt to consolidate our credit cards. When will things stop breaking?
I'm going to the wedding wearing something that does not fit me(too small) and if it did fit me right I would so not wear it. If that makes any sense at all. I've so lost my sense... I'm going to bed.